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"Cool In Front Of You" Official Music Video

"Flick it on - homemade like frickin' chicken parm/ Or baked with wine and shrooms, the type I'm tripping on" 🍄

I shot this over the course of a few days throughout my house on an Sony a6300, using a 16-50, 50mm prime, and fisheye (8mm, I think). Edited with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Also turns out that although I hate shaving my beard, I will if the role is good enough. Gathering props is always fun too, especially when I get to wear both a wig and a bald cap.

Pro wrestling also made an appearance here via the TNT championship belt, Jesse Ventura, and Konnan (and I'm proud of those clips).

This beat was produced by Kryple, and is the first single and video off of an upcoming project produced entirely by him. See it on the 'Choobe below.


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