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For over 15 years, Adam "Sonik" Curatolo has contributed to Canadian brands and Hip Hop culture through videos, audio production, graphic design, photography, and more. 

Begining as a artist in 2003, Sonik transitioned early through different roles to help push aspiring Canadian artists in his community. Putting his own music aside and filling duties as a full-time designer, engineer, and producer, he would add music video production and web design products for indie artists to round out his services. 

Working out of Edmonton Canada, his current day portfolio includes artists like
Merkules, Kryple, Problematic, Junk, and more.

Past audio/video projects include artists such as: Doom Squad, Lil Windex, Tech N9ne, R.A. The Rugged Man, Jelly Roll, Evil Ebenezer, KXNG Crooked, Swifty McVay, Twista, BTNH, Chris Webby, Drezus, Prada West, Caspian, Philip Solo, Nova Rockafeller, DTG, Brothers Grim, K-Blitz, Touch & Nato, Locksmith, Charlie Fettah, Rome Angel, K-Riz, Dirtbag Dag, Kung Fu Vampire, Kyprios, Neph, Politic Live, Daylon Grimard, Thug Shells, Playboy Bandito, Deuce Fantastick, Proveli Paragon, Knixxen Out, Fatty Jones, Fortunato, Elephant Man, Bizarre, Freeway, and more.

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